Mystery Philanthropist Hiding Hundreds of Dollars Around Springfield

If you’re someone who likes free money and isn’t afraid to explore the Queen City to find it, there’s a mystery philanthropist who is giving away $100 a week.

The Twitter handle “SGF_Gives” is holding weekly treasure hunts for $100 hidden inside a tin with a sticker of the proposed Springfield city flag on the lid. Each week, the Twitter account will give out clues to the location of the money.

The person behind the Twitter account is trying to remain anonymous but was willing to answer some questions from OI regarding what they’re doing and what their goal was behind initiating this giveaway to anyone who can figure out the weekly clues.

OI: What motivated you to begin giving money away each week? When did the idea of using a scavenger hunt style format comes to you?

@SGF_Gives: I have always had a heart for doing good things for others on a spontaneous basis. Over the past several years I have been spent more time hiking (because I hate running) and I love to be outdoors. During most of those weekend hike I have place a $20 bill on the trial with a cross made of sticks or twigs. During one of those hike in December of 2018, I felt that God placed the idea to do $100 per week in my head to do this scavenger hunt idea so more people could get in on the fun. I also liked the idea because I thought it would give families something to do instead of looking at screens all day, and they would be motivated to get outside and explore a bit.

Week 7 Winner Brandon Woodworth (photo courtesy Twitter)

OI: Do you have your locations for the year already pre-planned or do you just wait for inspiration to hit you?

@SGF_Gives: My locations are not pre-planned. Depending on what’s going on and our family’s schedule, I am looking for something that fits with what we have going on and also covers different parts of Springfield.

OI: What do you hope you accomplish through your efforts?

@SGF_Gives: I hope that people will have some fun but more importantly I want to encourage generosity in the Springfield area. I see generosity as something that our culture could benefit tremendously from. It is a cure for selfishness, greed, depression, among other things. For myself, whenever I’m feeling down or feeling sorry for myself, doing something kind for someone else seems to be a good way to snap out of it. I think God wired us all that way.

OI: Have you been tempted to hide it somewhere that you think is so difficult no one will find it?

@SGF_Gives: I have been tempted to make some of them a bit harder, but I don’t want people to be super frustrated either. I’m guessing that when the weather gets nice, I might have a few that require a bit more investment in time and energy:).

OI: Do you plan to stay anonymous?

@SGF_Gives: I certainly don’t plan any big reveal or anything. A few of my friends and co-workers know about it so I’m not completely anonymous in that sense. If I were ever to be “known” I would certainly give all credit to God. It was His idea and His money, I just view it as being obedient to what He called me to do. If it doesn’t turn out to be a big deal, I’m totally fine with that too. I’m sure many years from now, the folks who found the money will have good memories associated with this little deal. That is certainly enough for me.

OI: Is there somewhere you would really like to hide the weekly prize but can’t for legal reasons?

@SGF_Gives: I don’t know. I have avoided hiding it in places where the property owner/business operator would have headaches associated with people scavenging around for the prize. It has crossed my mind to involve by friends that own business’s to have their locations be part of the fun. I haven’t made any attempts to do so yet. We’ll see what happens…

If you would like to try to find the $100 prize and discover places in the city you may have never seen, follow @SGF_Gives on Twitter.

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