Greene County Fugitive Task Force Clears 1/3 of the County’s Outstanding Warrants in Three Months

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott has reported that the county’s Fugitive Task Force is exceeding expectations, clearing over one-third of the county’s outstanding warrants in just three months.

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott

Sheriff Arnott made the announcement during a Thursday meeting of the Greene County Commission.

In December, Greene County had 15,567 outstanding warrants and as of Wednesday March 6 the total had been reduced to 9,947, a difference of 5,620 warrants, or just over 36% of the total of December’s outstanding warrants.

“I thought that would be a year’s process,” Sheriff Arnott told OI about the task force’s progress. “The team’s worked great together with the prosecutor’s office and the courts and the clerk. It’s been going great.”

Sheriff Arnott also told the Commission that two of their task force officers were part of the shooting of a wanted fugitive by a U.S. Marshal Tuesday in Springfield. The two deputies involved have been cleared by mental health personnel to return to their duties.

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