Springfield City Council Considers Carryover Fund Spending

The Springfield City Council is considering spending $2.8 million of $4.8 million in carryover funds from the Fiscal Year 2017 and 2018 budgets.

City Finance Director David Holtmann and his team prepared for Council a list of requests from various city departments solicited by city manager Jason Gage and which of those requests are recommended for full or partial funding.

The majority of the items that City Manager Gage is recommending to Council are related to facility repairs or replacement of aging city structures.

Among the requests that city manager Gage is putting forth to council are $512,000 toward repairs in the College Station and Heer’s parking towers, $350,000 for facade improvements to the east side of the Busch municipal building (to prevent water leaks) and construction of a parking lot at Boonville and Chestnut after the demolition of buildings on that property.

The request also designates funds for Building Development Services to deal with dangerous buildings in the city.

Here is the full list of requests from city departments showing which ones city manager Gage wants to fully fund, partially fund and which requests were rejected:

“The City feels that the needs outlined in the carryover funds proposed allocation are the most pressing, and ones that we need to take care of right away,” Gage said in a statement. “Ultimately, how the City allocates the carryover funds is the decision of City Council. We are here to provide them with information and recommendations.”

The first reading of the bill for the $2.8 million in spending will take place before City Council at their March 25th meeting and the public should be allowed to address Council about the items on the list at that time.