No Sirens, But Statewide Tornado Drill Happening Today

The statewide tornado drill is happening today in the Ozarks despite an announcement from the Greene County Office of Emergency Management that the tornado sirens will not be tested.

Deputy Director Samantha Foster said it’s because the cold temperatures can be damaging to the sirens.

“OEM’s outdoor warning siren activation policy states that if the temperature at the time of the scheduled siren activation is below 32 degrees, we will not activate the sirens,” Foster said in a statement. “This policy is in place to help sustain the life of the outdoor warning sirens to be used in the event of an actual severe weather emergency.”

Anyone with a NOAA weather radio or similar devices will still receive warnings today as part of the statewide test. The OEM encourages all residents to participate in the test today by engaging in tornado drills.

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