OTC’s Higdon Named “Icon of Education”

OTC Chancellor Hal Higdon has been named a 2019 Icon of Education by Ingram’s magazine.

The magazine said Higdon has “demonstrated exceptional,
lifelong commitment to improving the lives of their students, and by extension, the health of this region, for decades to come.”

“The most important reason for being here is the students, so you hope that you’ve change the trajectory of a student’s life,” Higdon told Ingram’s. “You hope they take away not just the credentials, but life learning habits so they can cycle out of poverty. We see a lot who come in who are coming from very tough circumstances, and there is no better place to pull yourself up by the bootstraps than at a community college.”

True to his advice to students about living a life of service to the community, Higdon said he hopes when his time at OTC is done he will be remembered for his commitment to the region.

“I hope when I leave this place that I’ve left culture of service to community, commitment to serving the community and of integrity and entrepreneurial spirit,” Higdon said. “That’s what makes the OTC difference. We have one rule: No harm, no foul. If you try something and it doesn’t work, it’s not the end of world.”

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