Springfield’s Private Sewer Repair Program Holding Meeting in Doling Neighborhood

Residents of the eastern portion of the Doling Neighborhood are being invited by the city to a meeting Thursday, February 28th at Watkins Elementary School to discuss the Private Sewer Repair Program.

The Private Sewer Repair Program is designed to keep rainwater from entering the sewer system in an attempt to eliminate backups into homes and overflowing of untreated water into the ecosystem.

The program allows homeowners to have repairs made to their connections to the sewer system.

Residents will be notified by the city if they are in the “Pea Ridge 06” basin area inviting them to the open house. The city will send out a two person team to evaluate the home’s connection to the system and if repairs are needed, the city will pick up the costs of a qualified local plumber.

The Private Sewer Repair Program is part of the $200 million Overflow Control Program.

“We have found that for every $2 million we invest into this program, we will avoid spending $22 million on capacity improvements to the sewer system,” Environmental Services Director Errin Kemper said in a statement. “Much of that investment goes back into our local economy through our contracts with local plumbing companies.”

Since the beginning of the program, over 2,500 properties have been repairs and over 3,800 sources of rainwater have been removed from the sanitary sewer system.

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