Ozark Junior High 2nd in Speech & Debate Tournament

The Ozark Junior High speech & debate team finished second in a nine school competition held on February 23rd.

Several students won individual categories and advanced to the finals of their entered events.

  • Calista Garrison – finals original oratory and humorous poetry
  • Samantha Paynter and Whitney Beckett – 3rd place in humorous duet acting
  • Jenna Chrisp and Madelynn McConnell – 3rd place in dramatic duet acting
  • Ciara Bennett and Elora Bevington – 1st place in dramatic duet acting
  • Andrew Steer – 1st place in humorous interp; 1st place in humorous poetry
  • Logan Hobson – finals in dramatic interp
  • Emma Dodge – finals in dramatic interp
  • Trisha Thornton – 1st place in dramatic poetry; 2nd place in prose; 3rd place in humorous poetry
  • Megan Brewer – finals in prose
  • Koble Schiffner – 3rd place in expository speaking; finals in extemporaneous speaking
  • Caleb Hays – finals in expository speaking; 2nd place in extemporaneous speaking
  • Mason Hoffman – finals in expository speaking
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