Greene County Commission to Petition State for Full Circuit Court Funding

The Greene County commission voted unanimously to petition the state to provide full funding for the 31st Judicial District that covers Greene County.

Currently, the County is running one circuit judge under the amount allowed because the state has not provided the funding necessary for all the judges the county is due under state statute. (The number of judges is based on a number of factors that includes the case load within the judicial district.)

“This would go a long way toward getting the population in the jail reduced,” Commissioner Harold Bengsch said during the Commissioner’s discussion of the matter. “There are many felony cases that can only be handled by a circuit court judge and many of the folks in the jail are waiting for their case before a circuit court judge.”

Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon noted that during the last legislative session, a smaller judicial circuit in northern Missouri was funded for another judge so it’s possible to gain the additional funding needed for the sixth circuit court judge.

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