Behavioral Health Services Coming to Select CoxHealth Locations

CoxHealth has announced that in response to an increased need for behavioral health services in the Ozarks, they will be offering the service at select primary care clinics.

The clinics will offer consultants to meet with patients to outline a plan for behavioral health needs without having to schedule another appointment at a different location.

“This integrated approach is revolutionizing health care by emphasizing the behavioral, mental, and physical aspects of health and holistically addressing health needs,” Dr. Curtis Mattson, Integrated Behavioral Health coordinator for CoxHealth, stated in a press release. “It is our hope that having these professionals available to patients in a convenient way will allow more people to seek care for things that otherwise might have gone untreated. Our consultants collaborate with providers and patients to improve a variety of conditions including diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, sleep, pain, substance use and abuse, treatment compliance, as well as mental health.”

The goal of the programs is to help patients alter their lifestyle choices in a way to benefit long-term health or management of chronic diseases.

The initial consultants will be located in a few Branson, Branson West, Monett and Springfield locations. CoxHealth plans to expand the plan throughout the region in the near future.

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