Nixa Police on Emergency Status Friday February 15

from Nixa Police Department

Nixa Police are now on emergency status due to icy road conditions making it difficult to respond to calls for service and also because of the elevated risk for vehicle accidents. We will remain on emergency status until further notice. We hope to return to normal status in the morning, and we will keep you updated via the city’s communication channels.

This emergency status means that Police Officers will only respond to priority calls of service related to the general safety and welfare of the public, motor vehicle accidents involving injuries, suspected impaired drivers, or accidents where one vehicle leaves the scene of the accident (hit and run).

Motorists involved in non-injury accidents will be instructed to exchange driver information, insurance, and should file an accident report after the emergency status is lifted.

The Nixa Police Department advises drivers in the Nixa area that if you do not need to drive tonight, it is better to stay home. If you do drive, use slow, careful movements and take precautions for driving in icy conditions. 

For the latest information, subscribe to text alerts using the Swift 911 Public app, and enroll in the ”Nixa City News” alert category. You can also follow the Nixa Police Facebook page for the latest updates.

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