Kindergarten Registration Approaching for SPS Class of 2032

It’s time for the Class of 2032 to take their first steps into the world of formal education.

The Springfield School District has announced the kindergarten registration dates and times for every district elementary school. Any child who turns 5 before August 1, 2019 is eligible to apply for kindergarten.

Parents will have some requirements before registration can take place. Some things parents will have to do are:

  • Schedule kindergarten immunizations. Contact your primary physician or the Springfield-Greene County Health Department to schedule immunizations. For information about scheduling immunizations if you don’t have insurance or have Medicaid, call 874-1220 for the West Side Public Center.
  • Gather supporting documents.  Needed documents include proof of residence, birth certificate, Social Security card, and immunizations record.
  • Schedule a kindergarten screening. Contact the Office of School Readiness at Shady Dell Early Childhood Center, located at 2757 E. Division St. by calling 523-1333.

You can submit an enrollment application online through the SPS website. Once that is complete, you can take your supporting documents to the elementary school chosen on the dates listed below. You can also fill out an application at the schools on those dates.

Here are the dates and times for registration at the schools:

Name of SchoolDateTime
Field Elementary2/20/20191:30 p.m.
Cowden Elementary2/25/20199 a.m.
McBride Elementary2/25/20199 a.m.
Robberson Community School2/25/201910:30 a.m.
Bowerman Elementary2/26/20199 a.m.
Boyd Elementary2/26/20199 a.m.
Delaware Elementary2/26/20199 a.m.
Harrison Elementary2/26/20199 a.m.
Westport Elementary2/26/20199 a.m.
McGregor Elementary2/26/201910 a.m.
Weaver Elementary2/26/2019noon
Hickory Hills Elementary2/26/20196 p.m.
Pleasant View Elementary2/27/20198:30 a.m.
Bissett Elementary2/27/20198:45 a.m.
Disney Elementary2/27/20199 a.m.
Gray Elementary2/27/20199 a.m.
Pershing Elementary2/27/20199 a.m.
Pittman Elementary2/27/20199 a.m.
Twain Elementary2/27/20199:15 a.m.
Sequiota Elementary2/27/201910 a.m.
Weller Elementary2/27/201910 a.m.
Portland Elementary2/27/20191 p.m.
Holland Elementary2/28/20199 a.m.
Mann Elementary2/28/20199 a.m.
Williams Elementary2/28/20199 a.m.
Bingham Elementary2/28/20199:30 a.m.
Wilder Elementary2/28/20199:30 a.m.
Sunshine Elementary2/28/201911 a.m.
Sherwood Elementary2/28/20194 p.m.
Jeffries Elementary2/28/20195 p.m.
Fremont Elementary2/28/20195:30 p.m.
Truman Elementary3/1/20197:45 a.m.
Field Elementary3/1/20199:30 a.m.
Watkins Elementary3/1/20199:30 a.m.
Rountree Elementary3/6/20191 p.m.
York ElementaryTBDTBD

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