Greene County Personal Property Forms Due in Two Weeks

If you put your personal property tax form from Greene County in a folder on your desk or next to the front door when it came in the mail because it wasn’t due until March 1st, you might want to go get it.

The deadline for Greene County’s personal property tax forms for both individuals and businesses is Friday, March 1, 2019.

Filing late can draw a penalty of $15 to $105 depending on the assessed value of property according to Greene County Assessor Rick Kessinger. The form requires all property that you or your business owned on January 1, 2019 to be declared.

Examples of what qualifies as property includes motor vehicles, boats, trailers, livestock, farm machinery and furniture or equipment bought specifically for a business.

If you moved into or out of the county in 2018 and have not checked with the Assessor’s office to see if you have to file in Greene County, you need to do so before the deadline by calling 417-868-4195 or 417-868-4101.

Forms are available online at

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