Central High School MathLeague Team Dominates Qualifying Competition

Central High School’s MathLeague Team grouped together, divided out their workload, multiplied their opportunities and it added up to domination of their opponents at the Sweepstakes on the Ozark OTC Campus.

The team ran away with the MathLeague qualifying competition including the first and third place overall students in the competition. (There were 15 schools and 207 students in the event.) At the end of the day, Central sent 17 students to the state competition.

The students qualifying for state are:

9th grade:  Colin Clark, Harrison Davison, Sam Garvin, Tanner Wilson

10th grade:  Max Depperschmidt, Ethan Lai

11th grade:  Dylan Fowler, Jacob Sharp, Colin Stenger, Ryan Xu, Alex Zhu

12th grade:  Andrew Eisenhour, Jason Hamby, Will Hutson, Malia Morgan, Naseem Saquer, Grant Teters

“I have an amazing group of math kids who love to challenge themselves. I love giving them the opportunity to excel,” said Sue Hadden, head of the math department at CHS and math team coach, in a statement.

In additional to the overall competition, the students competed in multiple individual/team competitions. The winners and placements for Central team members are listed below.

Sprint Round:  30 questions, 1 hour, no calculator

9th grade:  1st – Sam Garvin, 2nd – Harrison Davison, 4th – Tanner Wilson

10th grade:  2nd – Ethan Lai

11th grade:  2nd – Dylan Fowler, 3rd – Jacob Sharp, 4th – Colin Stenger

12th grade:  2nd – Naseem Saquer, 3rd – Maila Morgan, 5th – Andrew Eisenhour

Target Round:  8 questions, 10 points each

9th grade:  1st – Sam Garvin, 3rd – Tanner Wilson

10th grade:  2nd – Ethan Lai

11th grade:  1st – Dylan Fowler, 2nd – Alex Zhu, 3rd – Ryan Xu

12th grade:  2nd – Naseem Saquer, 3rd – Jason Hamby, 4th – Malia Morgan

Relay event:  3 person teams answering 3 questions each which feed the next question – must get all 3 correct to get correct at the end. 

1st:  CHS team of Sam Garvin, Andrew Eisenhour and Naseem Saquer

3rd:  CHS team of Colin Stenger, Dylan Fowler, Jacob Sharp

Team Event:  20 minutes to answer 10 questions, 6 students on a team

1st:  CHS team of Colin Stenger, Dylan Fowler, Jacob Sharp, Alex Zhu, Ryan Xu

The state competition will take place April 13 at the University of Missouri – Columbia campus.

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