Woman Involved in Fatal December Crash Facing Multiple Charges

A woman who was the passenger in a stolen vehicle that caused a fatal crash at Glenstone and James River Freeway is facing felony charges.

Cassi Kilby, 27, is facing felony charges connected to meth possession and stealing a vehicle.

Kilby was a passenger in a stolen Chevrolet Silverado driven by Dillion Filbeck of Fair Grove who died in the December 4 accident.

Kilby was thrown out of the passenger side window of the truck during the crash, yet was able to stand up and begin running away from a Missouri State Highway Patrol officer who was on the scene. She fell near the edge of James River Freeway, about 250 feet from the accident site, and was apprehended by the officer.

When Kilby was taken to Cox South Hospital after the crash, hospital staff found a baggie in Kilby’s bra that contained what tests later found was meth.

Kilby told police that she remembered the crash but couldn’t explain why she ran from police.