Parody Song Helps Students Learn Geology at Cherokee Middle School

by Springfield Public Schools

As part of a new project-based learning unit, Cherokee Middle School invited musician Liz Moriondo to write and perform a parody song to help students learn about tectonic plates. The song, set to the music of “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift, was performed on Thursday, Jan. 31. 

“I think her song will be a great way to reinforce learning. I wanted to share this experience with our district to help show the ways teachers ensure that learning is engaging, relevant, and personal for all students. It is my hope that in addition to helping students learn about Earth’s interior structure, they will also feel inspired to follow their passions and continue building on their personal strengths, much like Liz has done with music and singing,” said Brett Heman, 6th grade teacher at Cherokee and Moriondo’s cousin.

Moriondo was a high school basketball stand-out from Mount Vernon before playing basketball at Drury University on an athletic scholarship. Her college athletic career was cut short when she moved to Nashville to pursue a music career.

Students Addyson Steury and Marin DeClue attended the performance and were impressed that everything they are learning about tectonic plates was included in the song. Steury said, “We will definitely sing the song later, and it will help us remember the facts.”