Man on Bond for Statutory Rape Charge Alleged to Have Abused Another Child

A man charged in 2017 with statutory rape after accusations he sexually assaulted at 13-year-old girl is now believed to have sexually abused a 9-year-old child while out on bond.

Shawn Ducker, 23, is facing a charge of statutory sodomy for the incident with the 9-year-old victim.

Ducker was given a $10,000 bond in 2017 after the statutory rape charge with conditions that he was not allowed to be in contact with children unless there was supervision. Ducker had been scheduled for a trial on the statutory rape charges on May 15, 2019.

Now police allege not only did Ducker abuse the 9-year-old victim, he was also in contact with multiple children during his time on bond.

According to the probable cause statement, the child told police that she had seen a presentation at her school on January 29th that reminded her of something Ducker did to her, so she told her teacher about it. The child’s action resulted in the Springfield police department being notified.

During the police interview with the victim, she said that Ducker forced her into touching his groin area while a woman in the house was distracted. He then laid on the bed of another child and slept in their room that night.

The child also told investigators they were left alone with Shawn while the woman who lived in the house went to work.

The woman spoke with investigators and denied the child’s story, saying she “did not know why” the child would tell police the things that she told them. She also denied leaving the children alone with Ducker.

She said that she was aware of the pending charges against Ducker and that he wasn’t to be alone with the children and indicated she did not believe the allegations made against Ducker.

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