Jody Cooper CU’s Transit Driver of the Year

from City Utilities Press Release

City Utilities Transit Driver Jody Cooper has been selected as the 2018 Driver of the Year; runner up is Larry Grube. 

Jody has driven for CU Transit since May of 2015 and is respected for his professionalism, reliability, and positive outlook he shares with his coworkers and passengers daily. He was selected unanimously by a group of his peers. 

“Jody is a man of few words, though he has a fine sense of humor. One had best pay attention when speaking with him or you may miss a fine joke, delivered with a wry smile and a twinkling eye,” said Matt Crawford, Director of Transit. “His passengers universally praise his skill as a driver and his winning way with people. We’re proud to have him represent the Transit Department and City Utilities.” 

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