Robberson Students Get The Blues

A group of 4th and 5th grade students at Robberson Community School are experiencing a real case of the blues.

It’s courtesy of the “Roots and Blues” part of Blues in the Schools, a program that teaches elementary school students about the blues and the history of American blues music, its traditions, diversity and culture and gives students a chance to play instruments and learn blues songs.

Blues Society of the Ozarks Vice President George Hunt and member Bob Bledsoe taught about the blues to students while giving them a chance to learn how to play harmonica.

Hunt told OI that it was an honor to be able to bring the music into the schools and that the kids are always excited to get a hands-on experience with the music.

Hunt said he’s been working with the Blues in the Schools program for about 12 years and Bledsoe said he’s been partnering with Hunt for around three years.

The students were each given plastic harmonicas and taught by Hunt and Bledsoe to play 12-bar blues music. One of the songs, the “Train Boogie”, had the students playing along to a shuffling drum beat that sounded like a rolling train and ended with the students blowing on their harmonicas like a train whistle.

A student named Ro (not pictured) told OI that he’s had a great time with Roots & Blues.

“It’s amazing. It’s awesome!” Ro said. “I’m kinda good at it.”

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