County Juvenile Justice Center Gets $40,000 Grant

Greene County’s Juvenile Justice Center is going to be able to expand some services after receiving a key grant from the Department of Public Safety.

Chief Juvenile Officer Bill Prince told the County Commission the JJC has received a $40,000, 3-year grant that can be renewed which will allow them to fund a family advocate to work with youth when they leave JJC programs.

“A lot of the problems these kids have is at home,” Prince told commissioners. “This new position will allow us to help kids deal with those situations at their homes.”

The family advocate will be required to have a background in social work and the position will be an independent contractor arrangement that does not add a person to the county payroll.

The matter was brought to the commission because the paperwork had been filed showing former presiding commissioner Bob Cirtin as being the oversight authority for the grant and the paperwork needed to be changed to current presiding commissioner Bob Dixon.

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