Area Students Have Artwork Displayed at State Capitol

Two student artists have received the honor of having their artwork displayed in the State Capitol building.

Glendale High School senior Lily Taylor and Ella Schober of Nixa High School were both selected to have their work displayed as winners of the Missouri Senator’s Choice Awards.

Lily Taylor’s award-winning artwork

Taylor’s work is a self-portrait inspired by her work’s theme for the semester.

“I was inspired to create my self-portrait because of my theme I was doing for the semester: the way we see ourselves,” Taylor told OI. “My art teacher Mr. Ramos gave me the challenge of creating a large piece of art, but I wasn’t very excited to spend so much time on one project at first. I went home that day, not knowing what I wanted to draw. Pacing my room, I finally looked over at my mirror and the idea struck me. I didn’t want to do just another straight on self-portrait, so I decided to work with my reflection. I loved the effect it gave, staring into my reflection that is staring at the camera. I took plenty of pictures before I was satisfied with the pose and expression.”

Taylor said her work is representative of the area of art she most prefers to create.

“I have always been more interested in drawing humans than anything else,” she said. “I think it’s because I feel like I am creating a new person. I mainly draw self-portraits, but I don’t usually refer to my drawing as “myself” per se, but as someone else. Even when it comes to this self-portrait, I tend to refer to her as, well, her.”

Like Taylor, Schober was inspired for her drawing of an aquatic exhibit at Bass Pro by looking inward.

Ella Schober’s award-winning artwork

“When we were assigned this project, I knew that I wanted to base my drawing on something that represents me,” Schober told OI. “I have always loved the outdoors, and have many fun memories from Bass Pro, so I thought it would be fitting. I also wanted to find something to draw that no one else would think to draw. That’s why I went to Bass Pro.”

Schober told OI one of her biggest inspirations to create her art is always close to her.

“I would say one person that inspires me is my twin sister,” she said. “She is a photographer, and is constantly taking beautiful photos that make me want to improve my own art. To create a good drawing, it needs to be a good composition, and my sister has helped teach me her ways when taking photos. “

The awards is part of a join program between the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education and the Missouri Art Education Association. The Senate Art Exhibit features artwork from all 34 Senate districts.

The student’s artwork will be displayed from February through the end of the year. Both Taylor and Schober will be honored at a ceremony at the Capitol on March 11, 2019.