Hamm Pleads Guilty to 2017 Killing; Gets 30 Years in Prison

Tyson Hamm, 32, of Springfield has pleaded guilty to felony murder in the second degree and is facing the next three decades behind bars.

Hamm made the guilty plea to murder, two counts of robbery in the first degree, two counts of armed criminal action and two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm as part of a plea agreement with the state.

Hamm admitted that on December 29, 2017 he and Andre Smiles decided to rob Stephen Dowd and Ethan Bennett when the two men showed up at Hamm’s room at a Motel 6 to buy meth. Dowd attempted to fight back against Hamm during the robbery, during which Hamm shot and killed Dowd.

The plea agreement sentenced Hamm to 24 years on the multiple charges connected to the killing. He was also sentenced on a separate felony of unlawful possession of a firearm to 6 years. The sentences are consecutive for a total of 30 years.

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