Parkview Student Caught with BB Gun

A Parkview high school student tipped off school administrators today to a student who had brought a weapon to school.

The administrators found the student and the BB gun was taken into the possession of the school police.

Parkview posted the following statement on their website:

Dear Parkview Families:

Today, Parkview High School administrators received a tip that a student had a weapon at school. Administrators responded immediately to investigate the incident, questioning the student who allegedly had the weapon. A BB gun was located and quickly taken into possession by School Police. It was loaded but was never presented in a threatening manner. No students or staff were harmed.

We consider any weapon at school a serious concern and Parkview administrators and school police will continue to thoroughly investigate the matter.

The individual who came forward to report what they saw is to be commended. By doing so, they are helping to keep Parkview safe for everyone. We must all remain alert and report anything we see that might be a potential threat. This may be done by sharing information with school administrators, reporting it directly to School Police by calling 417-523-2911, or by texting the school tip line, 417-319-2901.

We want to assure you that appropriate disciplinary procedures will be followed based upon the findings of the investigation.


Eric Ramsey

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