Council to Vote on Changes to City Fees

The Springfield City Council will be voting on raising 114 charges after the latest evaluation of municipal fees.

The report from city staff, that was approved by the Finance and Administration Committee, also calls for reduction of 66 fees. The goal of city staff was to bring as many fees as possible to a 100% level, meaning the fee would completely offset the cost to the city.

The report from city staff said that currently the city’s overall cost recovery of fees is 93.26%. If the full city council approves the proposal sent from the committee, this level would raise to 97.68%.

The change would generate just over $637,000 in revenue for the city assuming the same number of fees will be paid in the upcoming fiscal year.

One of the biggest overall changes will happen for the Springfield Art Museum. The costs to reserve facilities for community events will be raised 117% for the auditorium and just over 27% for the community room and lobby area. Every fee for private use of the facilities at the Art Museum will be increased to reach the 100% fee recovery level.

The first reading of the bill to adopt the fee charges will take place at the City Council’s meeting on January 28th.

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