Woman Attacks SPD Officer with Railroad Spike

A woman attacked a Springfield police officer with a railroad spike after refusing to stop trespassing on BNSF Railway property.

Robyn Frazier, 24, has been charged with assault in the second-degree on a special victim.

According to court documents, around 8 p.m. on Saturday January 5, two Springfield police officers were dispatched to an area near Jefferson Avenue and Commercial Street because of someone trespassing on railroad property. The officers found Frazier on the tracks near the Jefferson Avenue footbridge.

When confronted by the officers, Frazier was holding what is described in the probable cause statement as “a broken railroad tie about 2 feet long and had a pointed end.” Officer Harbin drew his firearm and told Frazier to drop the wood, which she did while asking what she was doing wrong.

She tried to walk away from the officer, who explained she was trespassing on BSNF property. She repeated multiple times that she was “an American Indian” and as such could not be detained.

The officer holstered his weapon and approached Frazier because he “did not see anything else in Robyn’s hand at the time.” When the officer neared Frazier, she displayed a railroad spike, raised it above her head and attempted to stab Officer Frazier.

The two officers were able to subdue Frazier and take her to the Greene County Jail where she remains on $50,000 bond. If convicted, Frazier could face 15 years in prison.

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