Attentive Neighbors Stop Springfield Rape

The neighbors of a rape victim are being credited with helping stop the attack.

Court documents say a couple were watching a movie when they heard cries coming from the apartment next door. One of the couple, a law enforcement officer from Pierce City, heard the victim saying “no”, “help” and “get off me.” He told his girlfriend to call the police as he left the apartment to knock on the door of the neighbor.

The door was answered by 24-year-old Sean Carter. The neighbor identified himself as a law enforcement office and asked if the victim was all right. Carter told the officer that everything was fine. The victim left the apartment while Carter became aggressive with the officer, eventually shoving him. The officer then punched Carter in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Court documents say that the woman told police Carter initiated several sexual activities despite her telling him no and fighting to stop him.

Officers struggled with Carter upon their arrival at the scene and he had to be transported via a detention wagon after police were unable to get him inside a patrol vehicle. Officers noted that Carter showed signs of heavy intoxication: slurring speech, difficulting walking and urinating in his pants.

Carter told police that he doesn’t remember the evening’s events between sitting on a futon with the victim and then waking up in the Greene County Jail.

Carter remains in the Greene County Jail on $100,000 bond. He has been charged with first-degree rape, sodomy, assault and resisting arrest.

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