Cuts to Proposed Greene County Budget Include Key Public Administrator Software

County Commissioner worked through the day Thursday to make more cuts to the proposed 2019 Greene County budget, cutting some major requests from multiple departments.

One of the major cuts a $100,000 program that would have modernized the way the public administrator’s office handles wards of the county. The current system would allow for overdrafts on a ward’s account, allows the ability to manipulate the financial records of a ward and doesn’t allow for online storage of information so staff can access a ward’s up-to-date records online, instead relying on a binder of papers.

Commissioner Harold Bengsch said the decision to not include the funding for the software was not because the commissioners may not agree the upgrade is needed but rather because there are currently projects in the administrator’s office that are not finished.

“Last year we approved initiatives that have not been implemented yet like they are planning to be implemented,” Bengsch told OI. “These projects need to mature before we take the next step.”

One of those projects includes the bringing in-house of legal representation for wards and the management of the legal cases inside the P.A.’s office.

A software upgrade that did survive the budget meeting was a new time card tracking software that would allow the county to have more accurate and tamper proof tracking of employee time. It would also reduce the staff hours necessary to process handwritten time cards and be a cost savings to the county in the long run.

More budget items will be discussed in a meeting at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 2nd.

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