Greene County Officials Working on Final Budget Decisions

Officials from every part of the Greene County government departments have descended on the Election Center on North Boonville in Springfield to make their final cases to the County Commission for the upcoming county budget.

The day-long session, which is open to the public, will help chart the course for the county’s major financial transactions over the coming year.

The session had the Commission going through individual line items in the budget where there had been a discrepancy between the budget office’s projected budget for an office and the actual request from the county office. Many budget lines had already been agreed upon either from the initial budget proposal or follow up meetings.

Some major items are on the table for discussion, including a $100,000 software system to modernize and bring online the record keeping and account management for wards of the county under the public administrator’s office.

A major discussion took place regarding the interaction between the public defender’s office and the county prosecutor’s office. Currently, the slow internet connection speeds and server equipment for the public defender’s office are overwhelmed when the county tries to send them discovery for cases. PA Dan Patterson would like to help the public defender’s office obtain faster internet and equipment so the issues don’t cause a backup for his office, but because the public defender is under state purview there is little that the county can do. Even if the county provides funds for new equipment, county IT staff won’t be able to help maintain or install the new devices.

While the meeting will go on through the business day, there will be additional items the budget office will need to review and bring back to commissioners after the meeting’s conclusion.

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