Students Experience a Snow Day in Ms. Wood’s Classroom

Students in Ms. Wood’s PALS class at Springfield’s Study Alternative Center took a snow day…without leaving their classroom.

The students, who had been participating in activities through the month that revolved around the book “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”, joined together in a series of snow related activities to celebrate their month’s studies.

Lessons through the month taught the students about the Arctic, the Antarctic, penguins and snow.

One of the events of the day included a “snowman building contest” where classmates wrapped each other in toilet paper “snow.”

“It was fun to watch the learning process of how they were going to get their partner covered in enough to look like a snowman,” Ms. Wood told OI.

The students also made snow globes that contained a picture of themselves playing in fake snow and made “snow angels” on the floor.

“Snow Day was a great success and a wonderful way to culminate the student’s learning,” Ms. Wood said.

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