Outgoing Greene County Commissioner Cirtin Fined by Ethics Commission

Bob Cirtin

Soon-to-be former Greene County Presiding Commissioner Bob Cirtin has been fined by the Missouri Ethics Commission in connection with campaign-finance violations during the 2017 Greene County general revenue tax campaign season.

Cirtin was cited along with the Invest in Greene County political action committee and the committee treasurer for fines totaling around $4,300. Cirtin, individually, only faces a $1,000 fine.

The six counts where the Ethics Commission found violations:

Count I: Making expenditures by a party other than the treasurer. In this case, Cirtin signed twelve expenditure checks since the formation of the committee that totaled $20,614.84.

Count II: Failure to timely and accurately file campaign finance disclosure reports with cumulative information from the date of the last report. The PAC and David Pavlin, the treasurer, incorrectly reported money on hand in two reports in 2017.

Count III: Failure to timely and accurately file 24 Hour Late Contribution Notices and 24 Hour late Expenditure Reports. The PAC and Pavlin failed to file three 24 Hour Late Expenditure Reports, eight 24 Hour Notices of Late Contributions and had incorrect dates on the cover of one report.

Count IV: Failure to timely and accurately report contributions received. The PAC and Pavlin reported a $2,500 contribution on October 27, 2017 as being from Sam Hamra when it came from Hambra Enterprises/Hamra Plaza.

Count V: Failure to timely and accurately report expenditures made. The PAC and Pavlin did not report a $250 expenditure to PFI Western Store and a $12.08 expenditure to Krispy Kreme. Also four expenditures totaling $6,113.50 were not accurately reported on 24 Hour Late Expenditure reports, with their being listed on a report filed on November 3, 2017 instead of earlier reports when they should have been listed.

Count VI: Failure to report direct expenditures. The PAC and Pavlin did not file a Direct Expenditure Report for a $250 expenditure to PFI Western Store for Facebook advertising.

The fines issued by the Ethics Commission require a 10% payment within 45 days of the date of their order to stay the entire fine. The order is dated December 17, 2018.

If the people cited in the order then commit another violation of campaign finance law and is found guilty by the commission, they will have to pay the remainder of the fine.

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