Commission Gives Preliminary Approval to New Employee Time Management System

Greene County auditor Cindy Stein has been asking the commission to give her something for almost a decade and she may finally get her wish.

During a Wednesday budget work session, Greene County Commissioners gave a preliminary yes to a new software tracking system that will allow Greene County to better track their employee’s hours and work habits.

Currently, the county relies on time cards filled out by hand and entered into the computer systems by staff.  The new system will have electronic tracking of employee movements and allow the elimination of staff hours checking time cards for accuracy and inputting them into the current payroll system.

The changeover to the EDEN Time and Attendance System will cost the county around $100,000 including training of key personnel on the system.  However, the tracking system will be used across all Greene County departments including the Sheriff’s Office.  During the budget meeting, Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott told the commission that the software would be a major benefit for himself and his management staff in the department.

The system will also allow for a more significantly accurate tracking of employee’s time and work habits.  

Another major topic of discussion in the budget session was the purchase of new vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office.  The county is considering around $600,000 for the purchase of new vehicles but are exploring a new system where typical patrol cruisers would be replaced by SUV’s that can be resold at a higher value.  This would lower the overall costs to the department for vehicle replacement and maintenance.

The Commission will continue their budget meetings Thursday morning, 9 a.m. at the Commission’s offices in the Cox Medical Tower, 1443 North Robberson in Springfield.