Charles “David” Smith, 54

Charles “David” Smith was born March 21, 1964 in St. Joseph. He graduated from Lafayette High School in 1982. He worked several years in St. Joseph at various businesses: Goodyear Tire, Ken Smith Autobody (where he learned to do autobody repair,) Nastrom Chevrolet Dealership and then he opened his own body shop in Savannah, Missouri.

David met Sherri Daise in 1987 while cruising the Belt highway in St. Joseph. They developed a great friendship over the next few years which turned into a romantic relationship in 1992. Sherri moved to Springfield in fall of 1992 to pursue her master’s degree at Southwest Missouri State University, and David soon followed her.

David worked at Hammer’s Auto Works as well as Thompson Pontiac Cadillac doing what he loved, auto body repair and painting. David married the love of his life, Sherri, June 4, 1994. He received his associates degree in computer science 1999. 

With the birth of their first child in 1999, David decided to take on his most important job and become Mr. Mom to take care of Mallory. Their first son Chaz was born in 2002 and the family soon moved to Ozark, where David had his own auto restoration shop at their home. Their second son Jacob was born in 2004. David’s first priority was always his children and wife Sherri. He was a great Mr. Mom to the kids and the preschool moms were fond of him at class parties and field trips. He was very involved and always supportive of his children. 

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