Sex Offender Convicted in Gas Station Robbery

Michael Duane Hancock (Photo: GCSO)

A convicted sex offender who pulled a gun on police officers following a robbery at a gas station has been convicted on multiple charges.

Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson’s office says Michael Duane Hancock, 58, was found guilty of armed robbery & other charges related to drawing a gun on police.

Hancock robbed a Phillips 66 gas station on May 11, 2017 while wearing a paintball mask, dark jacket and gloves.  Hancock showed a semi-automatic pistol and demanded cash, cigarettes and other items. 

A security officer at the nearby Oasis Hotel saw Hancock leaving the gas station and called 911.  Police found Hancock north of the robbery site minutes after receiving the 911 call.

Officers Matthew Thomas and Brandon Gonzales attempted to arrest Hancock when Hancock pulled his weapon on the officers.  Officer Thomas fired at Hancock five times and Officer Gonzales once, with Hancock being struck twice.  

It was discovered after Hancock was taken into custody that he had been previously convicted of forcible rape and forcible sodomy making it illegal for him to have a gun.

Hancock could face life in prison on the robbery conviction.  

The robbery conviction has a sentencing range of ten years to life.  His convictions on armed criminal action is a minimum of three years, up to seven years for unlawful possession of a firearm and up to four years for unlawful use of a weapon.

Hancock is due to be sentenced February 22, 2019.