Four Branson Businesses Caught in Underage Alcohol Compliance Check

The Branson police department conducted a random alcohol compliance check on December 8 and four businesses were caught selling alcohol to minors.

The check was carried out with the police working in conjunction with minors sent into establishments to see if they would have their identification checked and be refused service.  

The four businesses who were cited by Branson police were:

  • Burger Shack – 1946 W. 76 Country Blvd.
  • Backstage Café and Wine Bar – 214 W. Main St.
  • Price Chopper – 2210 W. 76 Country Blvd.
  • White Oak Station – 3200 Green Mountain Dr.

The violations are tracked by the city and if a business gets three violations in a three year span they could have their liquor license suspended.

Overall, however, the police noted the compliance rate climbed from 94% in June 2018 to 96% in the latest check.

The city of Branson requires every business with a liquor license to have their staff undergo “Responsible Liquor Selling” training.  Anyone connected to the sales of alcohol must undergo the training within 60 days of being hired and every two years afterward if they maintain employment.

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