The Mystery Hour to Salute Ozark Jubilee Saturday Night

A show that aspires to be a legendary program broadcast from the Ozarks is honoring a legendary program that was broadcast from the Ozarks this Saturday night at the Gillioz Theatre.

The Mystery Hour will be hosting a tribute show to the Ozark Jubilee, a country music program that was broadcast from Springfield during the latter half of the 1950s.   The program was hosted by country music star Red Foley and featured many of the biggest country music stars in America.

The show was performed at the Jewell Theatre in downtown Springfield.

Jeff Houghton’s photo from The Mystery Hour website

“Mystery” Jeff Houghton, creator and host of The Mystery Hour, wanted to pay tribute to the program and the way it helped set a foundation for creative productions in the Springfield area.

“I love history, and I love this part of Springfield’s history in particular,” Houghton told OI.  “It was a nationally broadcast show from right here and I feel like people don’t know enough about it on the whole. It was such a big deal. I really wanted to do it again because we learned about how many people are still around that were involved, and they’re getting older, so we just wanted to celebrate them.”

The taping of the show will feature performers who were a part of the actual Ozark Jubilee along with family members of the creators and producers of the show.  Houghton says it means a lot that those connected to the original program are so willing to work with him.

“It means a lot,” Houghton said.  “I think they see the heart of what we’re trying to do, which is to elevate it and celebrate it. So I think they’re excited to see a younger person carrying the torch for it, and I’m honored that they let us have a moment to share the limelight with it.”

Tickets are still available for the taping of the Ozark Jubilee tribute episode (and two other episodes that will include Cailee Spaeny (from Pacific Rim Uprising) and Brady Bunch star Barry Williams.)  Tickets are $12 and available through The Mystery Hour website or at the door (if not sold out.)

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