City of Branson Salutes Employees

from City of Branson Press Release

The City of Branson recognized employees celebrating a big work anniversary this quarter. At an employee meeting held this week, City Administrator, Stan Dobbins thanked them for their hard work and dedication to keeping the City running smoothly, keeping the community safe and continuing to improve it for all those who work, live and play in our City.

Linda Sewell (Clerk/Court) — 25 years

Peggy Mills (Parks & Rec) — 5 years

Kim Cooper (HR) — 5 years

Michael Stech (Utilities) — 10 years

Steve Mobley (Police) — 15 years

Jamie Rouch (Finance) — 10 years

Eric Wehmeier (Police) — 10 years

Jeff Duckworth (Fire) — 5 years

Chase Rains (Police) — 5 years.

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