Long Introduces Bill to Protect Table Rock Lake Homeowners

U.S. Rep. Billy Long (R) has announced a bill aimed to protect homeowners around Table Rock Lake from actions by the Army Corps of Engineers regarding boundary lines.

Long says that the Corps is changing boundaries and attempting to force homeowners to move improvements made by landowners around the lake that have been in place up to 60 years.  

Long’s bill, H.R. 7126, would grandfather in structures that were put into place before the last Table Rock Lake Shoreline Master Plan, put into place in 1976.  The bill would prohibit the Corps from taking into account these structures when issuing permits for property. 

“The most common complaint I get from homeowners is how many of these so-called “issues” were never issues in the past while permits were routinely approved by the Corps for decades,” Long wrote on his Congressional website. “Property owners around the lake who purchased their homes years ago had no difficulty applying for permit renewals on a routine basis. Now, however, homeowners that are trying to update or sell their homes or apply for standard permit renewals are shocked to learn the Corps is requiring these essential structures be removed before they can close on the sale of their real estate or renew dock and mowing permits.”

Long called the bill a “common sense solution.”

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