STEM Conference to be Held for Middle School Students

A conference is going to be held tomorrow, December 11, aimed at showing middle school students opportunities in computer science, technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in southwest Missouri.

The 2018 CSI SGF conference will take place on Tuesday at Ozarks Technical Community College.  An estimated 180-200 students will be attending presentations and smaller sized breakout sessions.

The students will also attend a career fair with representatives of companies like 3M, US Sun Solar, Positronic and more to see potential future careers in the STEM field.

“CSI SGF is an intentional way we [educators] keep our eyes set on the future,” Jarrett Middle School principal Rob Kroll told OI.  “We live in a ever transforming world and this conference communicates an important message to our students: ‘We need the person you are going to become.’  And you can become this person right here in Springfield.”