Springfield PD Conducting “Saturation Patrols” to Find Impaired Drivers

The Springfield police department is blanketing the community looking for drivers who are driving drunk.

The “Saturation Patrol” is taking place Friday December 7.

The goal of the “patrol” is to remove impaired drivers from the roads as quickly as possible with additional officers deployed to various parts of the city.  

This patrol will be different than DWI checkpoints in the past according to information given to the OI by the police department.  While other times “checkpoints” have taken place to stop all vehicles in one location, the “patrol” will be roving throughout the city and drivers will not be able to tell where the additional officers will be looking for impaired drivers.

The change was due to alterations in state funding of the overtime given to the officers for the extra patrols.  Friday’s “patrol” is funded completely from Missouri Department of Transportation funds with nothing out of the Springfield PD budget.

In the event severe winter weather reaches the Ozarks tonight, the “patrol” will be postponed so officers can focus on emergency weather responses.

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