New Budget Tool Helps Public Understand OEM Budgeting

During a Greene County Commission meeting to discuss the budget for the Office of Emergency Management,  a new “budget tool” was introduced that allowed both the County Commission and the public to be able to quickly see the funding sources for every part of the OEM budget.  Budgetary items were broken down depending on which parts are funded by a state/city/county mix, a city/county mix or what costs were solely on the shoulders of Greene County.

Two items were left solely to the discretion of the County Commissioners by the OEM staff.  The first is the capital outlay for the year, although the OEM staff did provide the Commissioner with a priority list that they recommend be considered when setting that budget line. 

The other is overtime in the event of a “declared disaster.”  The last “declared disaster” in the area was flooding at Christmas 2016.  The reason for the budget line for overtime came out of the 2007 ice storm when the staff of the OEM built up significant comp time and overtime that it caused problems for employees and management.

A discussion was also held concerning “dorm rooms” that exist at the OEM offices.  There is currently a room that can be converted into two more dorm spaces, which would expand the total to 5.  The rooms are used when OEM staff are either considered too critical to go home but need rest or an employee lives in an area where if they go home they may not be able to return to work the next day (i.e. in the event of a heavy snowstorm, etc.)

Used furniture and other items are already waiting in the space, the OEM just needs funds to complete the build out of the rooms.

To see the new “budget tool” applied to the budget projections, click below.

(Note: a previous version of the this story said the OEM may run a surplus; we have now discovered this is not the case.  The Commission is being asked to pay $11,782 more than their share from their agreement with the city and state; the $5,800 mentioned would help offset those costs.)