Branson School Threat Made Via Snapchat

Details have been released regarding the threat against Branson High School and the arrest of 18-year-old William James Nelson.

The Branson Police Department wrote in a probable cause statement that Nelson had made a series of messages on Snapchat to a fellow student that indicated he planned to make a violent assault on December 14th.

According to the statement, Nelson wrote:

  • “10 days from now on the 14 of dec it’s going down not saying were or what time but it’s going down I’m gonna make history all the anger and all the hurt Im I’m gonna let it out this is it I’m gonna show”
  • “Buying an ar-15”
  • “I pledge my allegiance to allah”
  • “We’ll got the (fire emoji) power now all I need is a bullet proof vest”
  • “U knos were to get a gun that I can buy”
  • “Do u or not cause if u don’t I’ll just use a knife”

Nelson repeated in the conversation for the student in the conversation with him not to go to school on Friday.  He told her “if she hears his name on the news that she would know why.”

After being given his Miranda rights, Nelson told Officer Joseph Edwards that he was off his medication and that he was due to meet with Burrell Behavioral Health in the following week over his mental health issues.  

He said he was going to take an Uber to the High School on December 14th, 2018 during “3rd hour lunch period.”  Burrell added that he was planning to commit suicide using the AR-15 “so everybody could see how much they had hurt him.”

Officer Edwards asked if Nelson had planned to hurt anyone else and he said he “did not plan to do so” but “thought about maybe hurting some people.”

A statement released this week by the Branson school district said that police had determined it was not a credible threat against the school.

Nelson is facing a charge of a first-degree terrorist threat, a class D felony and could face up to seven years in prison if convicted.