Burglar Claims He Was “Blacked Out” During Crimes

A man who broke into a number of Ozarks businesses told police that that he had been heavily drinking because of family problems and didn’t remember committing crimes for which he was caught on surveillance video.

Weston Reinke, 28, is facing four counts of felony burglary.  Police say he is also a suspect in a series of break-ins earlier in the year although he has not yet been charged in those crimes.

Springfield police investigated a series of burglaries from May 28th through November 13th in the general area around 2840 E. Chestnut Expressway.  The business at that location, Shealy Wellness, had been broken into four different times during that time period.  That business is where Reinke was caught on surveillance video.

Reinke admitted to police in an interview that he was the man on the video recordings.

In addition to Shealy Wellness having items stolen during break-ins, Rainbow Network also had items stolen including a television.  Several other businesses reported attempted break-ins and in once case police were able to recover a fingerprint that was matched to Reinke.

According to a police report, Reinke stated “he had not been making good decisions.”