New Vehicle Acquisition Model Discussed in GCSO Budget Meeting

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office budget brought about a discussion on the department’s use, acquisition and sale of patrol units for the department.

During the meeting, in which the GCSO agreed to the proposed funding levels from the county budget team on most items, one of the items that was described as “necessary” by the Sheriff was the acquisition of 20 new patrol vehicles to replace vehicles approaching the end of their useful life due to excessively high mileage.

Those vehicles will cost the county $600,000.

During the discussion of that line item in the budget, the Sheriff brought up the system of vehicle acquisition and use that is currently used by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Christian County Sheriff’s Office where new Tahoes are purchased and used for a smaller time frame before being sold to the public.  The Tahoes have a higher resale value than other vehicles, so the department would end up with a $3,000-$4,000 cost per vehicle after sale which would save budget cost in the long term.  The cost of maintenance of the vehicles would also decrease, lowering another budget line item.

While no action was taken on that idea, there will be more investigation into the idea by staff from both the GCSO and the county to see if moving to that model will provide a better long term financial benefit for the county and help improve performance by the GCSO.

For more info on the budget discussion and to look at the line item budget process used by the county, you can download and read the worksheet used at the meeting:

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