School Bond Proposal on April Ballot

The Springfield School Board will be asking voters to approve a $168 million bond proposal to fund 39 “big-priority improvements.

A citizen’s task force gave the school board a list of items they considered critical improvements at a meeting on October 16th.  

The bond proposal will ask for an 18-cent increase over two years.  According to the district, the increase would mean an additional $34.20 annually for a home valued at $100,000.

Among the projects will be remodeling the entrances of 31 schools to control access and increase security.  The schools include Bingham, Bissett, Carver, Central, Cowden, Disney, Field, Holland, Jarrett, Mann, McBride, McGregor, Old Sherwood, Parkview, Pershing K-8, Phelps, Pipkin, Pittman, Pleasant View K-8, Reed, Robberson, Rountree, Shady Dell, Study, Truman, Twain, Watkins, Weller, Wilder, Wilson’s Creek and York.

The Springfield school district provided a list of the other items that will be funded by the bond proposal:

Southwest Region Early Childhood Center 

⦁ A new center will be constructed that will serve 250 preschool students, possibly located on the property near Carver Middle School. 

⦁ This capitalizes on new state funding for operational costs for preschool students who qualify for free and reduced price lunch and represents a portion of an overall expansion of early childhood services. The new funding became available July 1, 2018. 

Delaware Elementary School 

⦁ New construction on the current site, including a storm-shelter gymnasium, to serve up to 350 K-5 students and will continue to serve as a special education program hub. 

⦁ Some boundary adjustments will be necessary to shift about 100 Sunshine Elementary students to Delaware. 

Sunshine Elementary School 

⦁ Renovation of current building on site and addition of new classrooms and a storm-shelter gymnasium to serve up to 350 K-5 students. 

⦁ Will address all accessibility and security challenges. 

⦁ Some boundary adjustments will be necessary to accommodate Portland Elementary students and shift some Sunshine students to Delaware. 

Boyd Elementary School 

⦁ New construction, including a storm-shelter gymnasium, on a new site with larger land footprint in the Midtown neighborhood.  

⦁ Will serve up to 300 preK-5 students.

Williams Elementary School 

⦁ Renovation of school on existing site, including addition of a storm-shelter gymnasium and early childhood mini-hub.  

⦁ Will address all accessibility and security challenges. 

⦁ Will serve up to 350 K-5 students and up to 100 preschool students. 

Jarrett Middle School 

⦁ New construction of school on current Portland school site. Portland K-5 students will attend Sunshine Elementary. 

⦁ Provides expanded space for outside extracurricular programing which is limited at current location. 

⦁ Will serve up to 725 students in grades 6-8 and will result in minor boundary adjustments. 

Hillcrest High School 

⦁ Renovation of building with additions on current site, reducing capacity from 1,488 to 1,200 students. 

⦁ Will address all accessibility issues and increase security by connecting all campus buildings so students do not have to go outside during the day.  

The last bond proposal in April 2017 was rejected by voters.

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